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Academic Skills For School Readiness Are Integrated Into Play & “Real-life” Applications

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Ready For School With The Creative Curriculum®

The Creative Curriculum® system aligns with DC’s Common Core Early Learning Standards. Your child gets a start on the academics required in the school system, so they feel confident when they head off to kindergarten and beyond.

Our Research-Based Curriculum Supports Long-Term Success

Our hands-on exploratory early learning curriculum is supported by The Creative Curriculum®  so that children build tools and skills they can apply to everyday experiences. As they grow in self-confidence, they build life skills for the long term.

Highest Rated Curriculum To Build Individual Strengths

Our top-rated curriculum recognizes that all children have different interests, strengths, and needs. Their learning is set at their pace.  Their teacher adapts the curriculum to meet their needs in a way that matches their learning style.

“Whole Child” Approach For Academic And Social Growth

Your child benefits from a “whole child” philosophy, combining academic and social-emotional growth to fuel self-confidence and curiosity. This holistic approach to early childhood education helps develop a well-rounded skill set.
“Whole Child” Approach For Academic And Social Growth
Social-Emotional Learning For Positive Relationships

Social-Emotional Learning For Positive Relationships

Your child’s social and emotional skills are integral to their learning experience. Caring teachers encourage your child to explore and process their emotions to produce appropriate reactions and expressions and develop healthy relationships.

Zumba® Gets Your Child Moving & Grooving

Your child’s day includes Zumba® fitness activities to get them up and moving. It’s easier to focus on learning when they get the wiggles out, and they don’t even know they’re building rhythm and coordination while dancing their hearts out!
Zumba® Gets Your Child Moving & Grooving

4-Step Assessments To Set And Adjust Learning Goals

Your child’s teacher uses an ongoing 4-step assessment system to set and adjust their learning goals as they learn new skills. Teachers closely track your child’s development and work to help them meet their next learning milestones.

Expect Academics With Real-Life Applications!

Cooperative work & group conversations develop their language skills

Numbers, measurement, & comparison activities encourage math skills

Science is incorporated into open-ended conversation & themed activities

Our Structure Gets Them Ready For School Too

Regular schedules teach your child what to expect in the classroom now and when they get to kindergarten. Your child thrives in the age-appropriate routine set by their teacher, which includes learning times, cooperative activities, and free play.

A State-Approved Program Enriches Pre-K Learning

Lessons come to life as your child explores multiculturalism, language, and technology under the OSSE-approved Pre-K Enhancement and Expansion Program. Your child jumpstarts their school career and broadens their mind with monthly field trips and exciting, enriching learning experiences.

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