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Dreams For 33 Years

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Linda Bean Founder of Happy Faces

The Loyalty Of Our Founder Lives On

KD’s Discovery Learning Center started in the home of Linda Bean—our founder and mom to owner Tameenah Adams. Inspired by her love for children and the need for a safe, nurturing learning environment in Ward 5, Linda opened her doors in 1987 as one of DC’s first day-care facilities to offer 24/7 services to local families.

Our flagship school started in the hood, stayed in the hood, and expanded in the hood—at the 9th Street Unit E location in 2000, Unit H in 2005, Unit F in 2008, and Unit G in 2011. Linda was committed to the community, to being there for our neighborhood and the residents of DC. Over 30 years, we have continued to honor her commitment by never changing who we are, even as our neighborhood transforms around us, and continuing to support our community.

Linda's vision for quality childcare is a legacy that lives on as we continue to grow and find innovative ways to encourage children and families to BLOOM :


is for the best that I can give.


is for the love we share for teaching.


is for options I share to help you thrive.


is for opportunities to help you in life.


is for me because I will be there anyway.

How Do Children BLOOM? By Following Our Core Values:

Have fun


Think outside
the box

Be open-minded

Give your best

We Support Your Family’s Dreams

Join us on the path to success. Upon enrolling, all parents, children, and team members get a dream journal and meet with a dedicated Dream Manager to discuss their goals. Kids and staff spend 15 minutes each day writing about their dreams to lay a foundation for success. Our commitment to encouraging our community’s vision includes:
We Support Your Family’s Dreams

Prepared For The Future With The Creative Curriculum®

Your child lays a solid foundation for educational excellence in a research-based, proven program that builds academic, social, and emotional skills.

Energetic, Creative, And Highly Degreed Teachers Shape Minds

Place your child in the hands of early childhood experts dedicated to helping them bloom. Passionate, qualified teachers meet each individual where they are and tailor their learning experience to achieve their best at a pace that works for them.

Procare Connect© Keeps Your Child’s Day At Your Fingertips

Get pictures, videos, news, and updates about every milestone and accomplishment with a convenient app. Procare Connect© keeps you in the loop with every detail of your child’s learning, so you never miss a moment.

Accreditations & Awards To Demonstrate Our Commitment

Child and Adult Care
Food Program

National Association for the Education of Young Children

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education

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